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ISV Pricing: Redistributing ReportMill with a Commercial Application

The ReportMill engine (ReportMill.jar) may be included as part of a commercial third party application either on a royalty basis or for a one time fee. This allows third party applications to easily offer dynamically generated documents and reports to their customers. To qualify for ISV pricing, a product must meet the following conditions:

  • Product must be commercially available
  • Product information must be publicly available
  • Product must be deployed by customers purchasing the third party application

Products deployed by the developer in-house on the customers behalf, using the Application Service Provider (ASP) model do not qualify for ISV pricing. However, if available as both an ASP model and a third-party application, mixed licenses may be purchased.

The Royalty Schedule

Royalty products are pre-paid and cover revenue up to the specified amount. Discounts are not cumulative for successive purchases (eg, buying 5 of the 20k licenses over several years does not equal an unlimited license). This rewards larger up-front commitments.

Royalty Product Lets you sell... Effective Royalty
$8k $160k
$20k $500k
$99k Unlimited
None (one time fee)

Designer Licensing

The above pricing is for the engine only (report generation). If your application also needs to include the designer, you can purchase individual designer licenses at 50% ($149), or have the customer purchase individual designer licenses directly from RM ($295 each), or purchase an unlimited designer redistribution license ($99k).

Covered Systems

All covered products must be declared (accompanied by descriptions and product numbers) to be covered by royalty products. Revenue numbers apply only to software components, but do include "upgrade versions" of the third party applications (regardless of whether they include a new version of ReportMill). New versions of ReportMill may be included in the third party application at any time at no additional cost. Revenue numbers for licensed software products must be provided upon request.

Covered Functionality

These products are mostly intended to cover "canned" report functionality. However, the licensing product may offer the ability for its customers to customize report templates. In this case, the end customers would be responsible for purchasing a ReportMill layout application and possibly user support. The original third party company may instead consider offering customization services or at least user support of the ReportMill layout application in conjunction with their product.

Development, Upgrades & Support

Developers will need at least one RM designer app license to complete development ($295) and probably a support contract ($1495). Upgrades to new versions are automatically covered as described above, except for the unlimited product.

The unlimited redistribution product follows the standard ReportMill upgrade convention: either an annual upgrade subscription (15%) or individual upgrades to successive releases (30%).


1. You sell a high end product with about 100k annual sales. Purchase the 8k royalty product (for 160k of coverage) and this will cover 1-2 years of business.

2. You sell a system of applications with revenues of 1/2 to 1 million a year. Purchase two of the 20k product to qualify for the 4% royalty rate (with estimated coverage for a years).

3. Your company sells a system with 1+ million or more in revenues annually. Purchase the unlimited 100k product to avoid paying open ended royalties.


  • ReportMill retains the right to refuse ISV licensing on any grounds
  • Pricing may vary up to 5x if market of licensing app overlaps that of ReportMill
  • Pricing may vary up to 5x for existing applications with large user base