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ReportMill 13 Download

RM 12 available here

This is a link to the ReportMill design application. The design application is a Swing Java Web Start application. If you aren't familiar with Java or Java Web Start or if the link below doesn't work, click here, otherwise:

Get Java

For deployment, download ReportMill13.jar (engine only).
Alternatively, download
RMStudio13.jar.pack.gz (engine + RMStudio).
Unpack with: prompt> unpack200 RMStudio13.jar.pack.gz RMStudio13.jar

Running RMStudio from the command line
It's also easy to launch the ReportMill design application from the command line:
prompt> java -cp \Temp\RMStudio13.jar com.reportmill.App

JavaDoc: javadoc (zip)

Release Notes RM13


ReportMill 13 includes performance and memory improvements and a 10% smaller footprint, as well as usability improvements such as undo support for text editing.

  • Design and Layout
    • Added full text editing undo support.
    • Added support to shift shapes in a table row when other shapes are hidden.
  • Fixes
    • Cleaner text architecture, with several text processing fixes.