SnapCode - Building apps is a snap

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Key Features:Free

  • Build apps quickly
  • Drag and drop to build code
  • Learn or teach Java programming
  • Graphically design UI, pages, forms, reports
  • Run apps on the desktop and browser


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The IDE for Everyone

SnapCode is a free Java IDE for education. SnapCode makes it easy to quickly build apps for the desktop and browser that are graphically rich and feature complete. Check out this video to see it in action.


The foundation of SnapCode is a graphics and UI library called SnapKit (available on Github). SnapKit contains a full set of UI controls as well as a complete graphics environment for drawing shapes, images and text with gradients, textures, effects, arbitrary transforms and animations.


SnapKit apps can also be compiled to run in the browser at the click of a button. This is done with a library called SnapTea (available on Github) that is built using TeaVM.

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