ISV pricing for redistributing ReportMill with commercially available applications is available here. ReportMill guarantees all customers receive the exact same low pricing listed below. ReportMill is available only from ReportMill Software, Inc.

RMStudio Designer License $295
This license allows developers to run the RMStudio design application to create report templates. Purchase one layout application for each developer expected to create report templates. This license also allows for testing for the individual developer's desktop machine.

ReportMill Server License $4,995
This license covers installing the ReportMill framework on a deployment server for running ReportMill enabled applications. Individual developer desktop machines do not require this license. This license is limited to 4 physical cpus per server.

Support $1,495
Support is an important component of any developer tool sales. A ReportMill support contract entitles one support contact at a customer site to e-mail or phone questions for a period of one year (limit 20 support incidents).

Upgrade Subscription 15%
This is a one year renewable subscription which gives you automatic updates to any new ReportMill releases during the year (available at time of software purchase only). (of software sales)

Upgrade (Special)
Upgrade from an older version of ReportMill to a newer version for 30% of list price (for each major version). Contact ReportMill for a quote.

Swing Desktop license

$ 50

Note: this is only for stand-alone desktop applications (not browser based html web applications). ReportMill is also perfect for desktop Swing applications. The ReportMill desktop license allows the desktop to run an unlimited number of ReportMill applications. The ReportMill desktop license is $50 per seat (100 seat minimum)

(100 min)
$ 25
(500 min)
$ 20
(1000 min)

On-site Training/Support $5,995
To jump-start development, ReportMill can send an engineer on-site for 1 day of training and 1 day of hands-on problem solving (2 days total). Travel expenses are included in this price (ouside the US, please add $995).

All ReportMill software licenses are freely transferable to any supported platform. The layout application is supported on Mac OS X and Windows NT/2K/XP. The developer ReportMill.jar can be deployed on any compliant Java VM. Terms and conditions.